Enjoya Film is a video production company helping filmmakers and audiences create, see, and enrich the world with enjoyable media and entertainment.

It’s founder, Joseph Anton Carter, won a National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences award for Best Editing before he was 20, dedicating himself a decade prior to be as well-rounded of an entertainer possible. Entertain has two definitions, one providing evenings of amusement and the other eyes on what you want to share.

Whether a business owner, artist, seasoned filmmaker or novice, Enjoya Film offers the chance for anyone to control and see media in ways others do not. The Internet is and always will be dominated by the visual. Be more comfortable, efficient, and excited to share a message and enjoy one too. Now the question becomes, are you ready to enjoy a film?

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  • laurel-cinespace-2016
    Nomination, Blackburn 2016
  • laurel-houston-cinema-arts-festival-2016
    Acceptance, Blackburn (2016)
  • laurel-chicago-comedy-film-festival-2016
    Acceptance, Goofinger (2016)
  • laurel-nffty-2016
    Acceptance, Goofinger (2016)
  • laurel-alburquerque-film-festival-2016
    Acceptance, Disappearance (2015)
  • laurel-natas-2015
    National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences College Student Production Award, Disappearance (2015)
  • laurel-santa-fe-indepedent-2016
    Acceptance, Disappearance (2015)
  • laurel-film-school-chairs-scholarship-award
    Scholarship, 100% Tuition-free Education
  • laurel-service-award-2014
    Service Award, Given To One Student of the Graduating Class
  • laurel-technical-theater-2014
    Award, Outstanding Accomplishments in Technical Theater
  • laurel-dramatic-performer-2014
    Award, Outstanding Dramatic Performer
  • laurel-michelangelo-donofrio-award-2014
    Michaelangelo D'Onofrio Arts Foundation Award of Excellence
  • laurel-east-bay-festival-2014
    Acceptance, Time Traveling Blender (2013)
  • laurel-national-film-festival-for-talented-youth-2014
    Acceptance, Anything in the World (2013)
  • laurel-accolade-global-film-competition-shift
    Acceptance, Shift (2014)
  • laurel-accolade-global-film-competition-aitw
    Award, Anything in the World (2013)
  • laurel-tubetape-contest-2013
    Honorable Mention, Tube Tape Ad (2013)
  • laurel-screenagers-film-festival-2012
    Acceptance, Darkening (2011)
  • laurel-contra-costa-water-district-2011
    1st Place Win, CCWD Ad (2011)
  • company-machinima
    Content Creator
  • company-clorox
    Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist
  • company-thrasher-magazine
    Video Editor, SKATELINE NBD
  • company-sunpower
    Producer, Documentary
  • company-lilcritters
    Motion Graphics Artist, Nationwide Bear Animation
  • company-puma-shoes
    Motion Graphics Artist, #IGNITENYC Event
  • company-wheels-up
    Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist
  • company-crushpix
    Post Production Specialist
  • company-gocharge
    Visual Effects Artist
  • company-greenlit
    Post Production Specialist
  • company-btig
    Post Production Specialist
  • company-phunkee-duck
    Video Editor, 2016 Sizzler
  • company-ride
    Video Editor, SKATELINE NBD
  • company-tube-tape
    Producer, Advertisement
  • compnay-kaiser
    Motion Graphics Artist, "Proud To Be KP"