What is an Enjoya Film Documentary?

Documentary’s are meant for entertainment, not education. By editors choosing what footage to show, directors choosing how to capture media, and writers typing outlines with hours of material, a documentary film is created from a singular voice (or voices), often feeling little different to producing a fictional film narrative. In the least malicious of cases, they are an artist’s attempt to depict the world’s truth from their perspective.

An Enjoya Film Documentary focuses on revealing the stories of individuals who need the power of media to tell them. A precisely done documentary, advertisement, and even short interview can enormously represent who an entity or person are positively and negatively. Therefore, deep respect and trust is given to clients, subjects, and often ourselves to create the best edited depiction possible; always careful to balance truth with entertainment.

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Genre: Expositional
A graphic designer is given the opportunity to create a new face for NASA.