What is an Enjoya Film Short?

An Enjoya Film Short takes pride in giving the best-quality film watching experience the internet and monitor can provide from beginning click to sharing with friends. The utmost respect of one’s eyeballs and ear drums are considered with each cut and editing decision so that short film lovers receive a fictional adventure rather than vlog or a mixture of the two.

Constant care and attention averaging three to six months are given to color, sound, and narrative of each one of Enjoya Film’s published pictures. This determination and added effort creates a film for your friends and yourself to experience, not merely view.

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Genre: Comedy
One secret mission is another roommate’s mess in this chaotic, fast-paced comedy.

Girl Tries Twice

Genre: Drama
The daughter of a rock star goes to college in an attempt to conquer a lifelong fear.



Genre: Drama
Becky Barnett is cursed. In order to protect herself and those around her, she chooses to run away and survive on her own.